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depart 21 May 2013

Although the flight in itself was fine I was quiet disappointed when i wanted to order something to eat and drink. A small cheese panini would cost S$8 (US$ 6) and a small (33cl) bottle of water an extra S$4 (US$3). Expensive but ok... I was hungry... but i only had Indonesian Rupiah and they did not accept that. Only Singapore dollars or US dollars. Verrry strange considering it was a flight from Jakarta. I am quite aware the Indonesian Rupiah is not a wildly accepting currency in the world like the US $ but it would be quite normal i think to allow payments in the currency of the country you are flying from, albeit with bad exchange rate. Even considering that accepting payments in Rupiah may be a burden from them since they would need to exchange it again and well i don't know, with prices like that it is hard to imagine they would not make a huge profit on anything they sell, whatever the currency.

It just made me feel they totally did not care about providing an extra service. So i was left hungry and they lost a sale bc the Indonesian Rupiah is not good enough for them to accept. That is most likely not helping them conquer the much cherished indonesian market. But maybe that is why it is so difficult for tiger to succeed: they just don't care.